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The Future Directions Network

The Southland Mental Health and Addictions Network, called Future Directions was established in 2005, and aims to deliver better services by providers for mental health and/or addiction consumers and their families. It does this by:

  • Including Everyone:
    The Network has members from all of the major groups working in mental health and addictions including Southern DHB Provider Arm Services, Non-Government Organisations, Primary Health Care, Public Health, and consumer and family groups.
  • Sharing Ideas:
    The Network provides an opportunity to share information and discuss ideas and concerns openly and honestly.
  • Taking Action:
    The Network develops, runs and evaluates projects on behalf of all providers, consumers and families.
  • Providing Feedback:
    Members of the Network take ideas and information back to their own organisations and networks and provide the District Health Board with feedback and advice.

In Southland there are nine sectors that represent service providers, consumers and families. The diagram illustrates their relationship and each group has representatives sitting on the coordinating body called the Network Representative Group (NRG) who meet monthly. Minutes of those meetings are available.

The NRG representatives from the mental health and addictions sector for 2015-2016 are:

Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Representatives

Clive McArthur – Adventure Development Ltd Manager (Chair)
clive [at] adventuredevelopment [dot] co [dot] nz -> mailto:clive [at] adventuredevelopment [dot] co [dot] nz

Sandy Dawson – Supporting Families Southland
sandy [at] able [dot] org [dot] nz -> mailto:sandy [at] able [dot] org [dot] nz

Southern DHB Provider Arm Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Service Representatives

Louise Travers – General Manager
louise [dot] travers [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:louise [dot] travers [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz

Adrienne Lee – Combined Services Manager
adrienne [dot] lee [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:adrienne [dot] lee [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz

Consumer Representative

Britta Winder – Southern DHB Adult Consumer Advisor
britta [dot] winder [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:britta [dot] winder [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz

Family Representatives

Sharon Morrison – Southern DHB Family Advisor
sharon [dot] morrison [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:sharon [dot] morrison [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz

Fran Wilhelm – Family Representative

Kaupapa Maori Representative

Marg Poulgrain - Kakakura Health Services marg [at] kakakura [dot] org [dot] nz -> mailto:marg [at] kakakura [dot] org [dot] nz

Pacific Island Representative

Leona Notoa - Pacific Island Advisory & Cultural Trust
leona [dot] notoa [at] piact [dot] org [dot] nz -> mailto:leona [dot] notoa [at] piact [dot] org [dot] nz

Primary Health Care Representative

Sheryl Shipley – Southern Primary Health Organisation
sheryl [dot] shipley [at] wellsouth [dot] org [dot] nz -> mailto:sheryl [dot] shipley [at] wellsouth [dot] org [dot] nz

Public Health Representative

Andrae Gold – Public Health South
andrae [dot] gold [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:andrae [dot] gold [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz

Intersectoral Representatives

Margaret Windle - NZ Police
margaret [dot] windle [at] police [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:margaret [dot] windle [at] police [dot] govt [dot] nz

Mary Geary - Ministry of Education
mary [dot] geary [at] minedu [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:mary [dot] geary [at] minedu [dot] govt [dot] nz

Megan Roskilley - Ministry of Social Development
megan [dot] roskilley001 [at] msd [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:megan [dot] roskilley001 [at] msd [dot] govt [dot] nz

Planning and Funding Representative

Judy Walker – Southern DHB Portfolio Manager, Mental Health & Addictions
judy [dot] walker [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz -> mailto:judy [dot] walker [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz