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Te KĊkiri, The Mental Health and Addiction Action Plan 2006-2015 has challenged the sector to have an ongoing commitment to assure and improve the quality of services for people with immediate emphasis on developing a culture of continuous quality improvement in which information and knowledge is used to enhance recovery and service development.

Future Directions has developed a Strategic Quality Plan to provide a framework to support quality improvement in the sector.

This Quality Plan provides a strategic direction and supports Future Directions in its ongoing commitment to building and maintaining high quality improvement processes across the mental health and addictions sector within Southland and the Wakatipu. This Plan identifies the Network's vision for quality, our priorities for 2014-2015, our quality improvement strategy and how we are going to get there.

The ultimate goal of this plan is to directly benefit the people receiving mental health and addiction services, and their families and whanau, by ensuring high quality services are delivered consistently throughout.