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Southland NGO (Non-Government Organisation) Forum

The Southland NGO Forum was established in 2008 to support and improve the effectiveness of mental health and addiction services in Southland. The Forum brings together organisations that are contracted to deliver specialist mental health and addiction services in Southland. The Forum also has a diverse range of organisations who attend meetings including agencies working in the health and disability sector, social services, education and community and support groups.

The Forum meets monthly and provides the opportunity for the organisations attending to discuss issues affecting their work, to find out more about other services and to better coordinate how local services are planned and delivered. The group also plans and holds four NGO Quality Development Workshops in Southland each year. The workshops are open for anyone to attend and provide the opportunity for people to receive information and updates on local and national quality issues. The topics covered in these workshops are agreed by the members of the group at the start of each year.

Information regarding Southland NGO Forum meeting dates and Southland NGO Quality Development Workshops are included in the Future Directions Mental Health and Addictions Events Calendar which can be found here.