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Definition of quality

Quality can be defined as the degree to which services for individuals or populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes, and/or increase the participation and independence if people and are consistent with current professional knowledge.

Quality is the cumulative result of interactions of people, individuals, teams, organisations and systems.

Quality Improvement is an environment where there is constant focus on continuously improving every facet of the organisation.

For further information about quality, see the following websites:

DAA Group Ltd, "Partners in Auditing"

Healthcare Value Leaders Network

Kites, Consumer Participation: Developing Policies and procedures, involving people with experience of using mental health services in the development of policies and procedures for mental health services

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New Zealand Organisation for Quality

Standards New Zealand

  • New Zealand Standard: National Health and Disability Sector Standards NZS 8134: 2008
  • New Zealand Standard: Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Sector Standard NZS 157: 2003
  • National Mental Health Sector Standard - Audit Workbook SNZ HB 8143: 2002

Te Wana Quality Programme (Health Care Aotearoa Inc)