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Consumer Information - Southland

A range of specialist mental health and addiction services and resources are available to Consumers in Southland. These services are delivered by the Southern DHB's Mental Health and Addictions Service and a range of other contracted providers (Non-Government Organisations) who deliver specialist services in the community.

Consumer Advisors

Southern DHB Mental Health and Addiction Services employs an Adult Consumer Advisor.

The role of the Adult Consumer Advisor is to work alongside services to ensure they are supporting and meeting the needs of Consumers. It includes the review of policies and procedures, the development and distribution of resources, community liaison, and the planning, implementation and evaluation of projects that support Consumers. To contact the Consumer Advisor phone (03) 214 5786, extension 8364 or email Britta Winder -> mailto:britta [dot] winder [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz.

Consumer Advisory Council

In 2008 the Moving Forward Consumer Advisory Council was formed. The group meets monthly and has been established to provide sector-wide representation by bringing together Consumer representatives from a range of organisations that deliver mental health and addiction services in Southland. The group's mission statement is 'that Consumers are involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Mental Health and Addiction services to ensure services are responsive to the needs of individuals'.

The group provides feedback to the Future Directions Network Representative Group and discusses issues affecting service delivery and Consumers. The group also makes submissions on local and national issues affecting Consumers and has input regarding education and training events for staff who work in the sector. For more information about Moving Forward contact the Council's Chair Britta Winder -> mailto:britta [dot] winder [at] southerndhb [dot] govt [dot] nz.