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Child, Adolescent and Family Services - Alcohol and Drug

Many young people who experience periods of mental un-wellness, also misuse alcohol and drugs. This is sometimes as an outcome of the mental illness/problem or can be one of the contributing factors. Community based providers deliver specialized alcohol and drug services to young people. These services are available to any young person in the District. Some of the most at-risk include adolescents, Maori, and young people who experience difficulties at school or at home.


Adventure Development delivers two programmes to young people aged 24 and under. Alcohol and Drug Counselling (3 FTE staff) and Adventure Development Counselling (1.5 FTE staff). They are based in Invercargill but provide a mobile service throughout the district. The service includes alcohol and drug assessment, intervention, treatment and referral. The programme also includes outdoor adventure activities. Anyone can refer to the service, including Child, Youth and Family, Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug services, schools, GP’s and self-referral. The service sees approximately 130 young people each year.

Adventure Development Ltd
P.O.Box 1255
62 Yarrow St
Phone (03) 218 8833


The Taitamariki Oranga service aims to positively impact on the wellbeing of whanau by engaging with Taitamariki to strengthen protective factors and reduce the risks of developing substance misuse problems.

The objectives of the prevention service are to:

  • support Taitamariki within Whanau Ora approaches;
  • build on the strengths of whanau and encourage whanau to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing;
  • promote choice and a range of health and social service options;
  • support integrated service provision that responds to a range of needs holistically;
  • promote inter-sector collaboration; and
  • promote safe and culturally appropriate settings and facilities.

Taitamariki and whanau are assessed leading to individual and whanau tailored plans.

The service is available to Maori Taitamariki aged 10 to 13 years.

Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Trust
92 Spey Street
Phone: (03) 214 5260 or 0800 925 242


Mirror Services are a Dunedin based counselling service for young people aged 19 years and under. They deliver the Mirror Youth Day Programme (MYDP) for 13-17 year olds. The programme includes a Kaupapa Maori framework, with group therapy, individual counselling, life skills, Alcohol and Drug education, adventure based games and activities and family, whanau involvement. For Southland clients the programme also includes planned supported accommodation. They accept referrals from Mental Health Alcohol and Drug providers in Southland and are contracted to provide a minimum of 10 places per annum.

Mirror Counselling
P.O.Box 76
Waitati 9069
Phone (03) 482 1367
Cell 021 482 136
Email mydp [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz -> mailto:mydp [at] xtra [dot] co [dot] nz